Why Summit China Group

North American Service. China Price.

We have English speaking engineers and over 25 factories in China ready to work on your project.

Many large corporations have the purchasing power to leverage pricing, and the resources to invest heavily in overseas staff, but many other businesses do not have the desire or significant resources to justify the time and money to start a China program, and may not have the buying power to get the factories’ attention.

If you need sharper costs and excellent quality on key built or bought components, Summit can help. If your enterprise is struggling with high labor costs, labor shortages, efficiency issues, or currency fluctuation risk, give us a call. We can help you:

  • Get the best "China Prices" with North American Service.
  • Reduce your costs and increase your overall enterprise efficiency.
  • Overcome your labor cost and availability issues.
  • Reduce your capacity limitations.
  • Stabilize your currency risk.
  • Stay competitive and get ahead.

If you are serious about starting an ethical, long-term, strategic outsourcing program for your business, Summit might be right for you.

With over 25 Chinese factories we can provide specialized overseas fabrication of your proprietary components and assemblies, with great savings to your company. And Summit routinely audits all factories not just for quality assurance, but also to ensure ongoing adherence to our strict code of ethics.

Summit China Group. Your most efficient channel from China to your door.