Why not work factory direct with other Chinese factories instead of the Summit China Group?
If you’re a large corporation with deep pockets, culturally sensitive negotiators, managers with a good working grasp of mandarin, the available resources for suitable overseas factory audits, and can afford some trial-and-error in starting your China program, you may want to. If not, you may appreciate the Chinese factory-direct pricing and just-next-door service you get from Summit. We have North American service as well as English speaking engineers and over 25 factories in China ready to work on your project.

How can Summit save me money?
Production costs in China are far lower than many other countries, but our capabilities are astounding, and quality control is deeply ingrained in our culture. The savings will vary depending on the product but are typically substantial.

How do you charge for your services?
We don’t. You only pay for products you buy. No fees.

How are goods paid for?
Terms are typically TT (wire transfer) or Irrevocable Letter of Credit to the selected factory or our Shanghai office. After a successful working history and formal credit check we usually offer 30 day open terms.

Is my information and intellectual property safe?
We treat all information in the strictest confidence. A standard Non-Disclosure assurance is available. We have never violated or abused anyone’s intellectual property.