Welcome to Summit 2024

Let’s reach new heights together. Our Mission is to help North American businesses survive and thrive through strategic, ethical outsourcing to strengthen their overall enterprise at home.

Now in our 18th year, more than ever before the Summit team is proud to specialize in providing North American businesses with built-to-spec parts, sub-assemblies and finished goods from China. In these challenging times, if you want the highest quality product, real-time North American service, and the “China Price” contact Summit. 

If you are serious about starting an ethical, long-term, strategic outsourcing program for your business, Summit could be right for you.

With over 25 Chinese factories we can provide specialized overseas fabrication of your proprietary components and assemblies, with great savings to your company. And Summit routinely audits all factories not just for quality assurance, but also to ensure ongoing adherence to our strict code of ethics.

If you’re a North American Manufacturer, Summit China Group may be able to help you cut your costs, increase your capacity, and reduce your currency exchange risk, all the while freeing up your key people to focus on your core competencies at home. Focus your strengths. 

We also offer some excellent off the shelf products that customers use as stand-alone products or integrate into their own product designs, including a huge range of CSA/UL certified electric motors and pumps from a number of proven lines including www.emcelectricmotors.com.

With decades of experience in local and overseas manufacturing, a culture routed in Quality Control and Lean manufacturing, and a thorough understanding of both North American and Chinese business cultures, our group can help your business reach its summit in the most efficient way possible.

North American Service. China Price.